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Brendan LORHO - FRA-113 - Windsurf - Windfoil
Speed - Slalom - Long distance - Fin & Foil


18y old
French expat living in between the Netherlands and my hometown La tranche sur mer
Studied and graduated IB at the International School The Hague
Started windsurfing at age 8 at WaveSchool and racing in 2018

Home spot : La tranche sur mer - Ouddorp - Oostvoornse Meer

2023 events

Ifca Slalom World Youth
Ifca Slalom Europe Youth
Dam/x Slalom U19 OCtober Holland
Regiocup Zuid Holland Slalom Foil
Regiocup Nord Holland Slalom Foil
French Extreme Glisse championship
AFF France - 4 races
GPS Speedsurfing 15-18y - 3 periods
Defi Wind
Raid La tranche sur mer
Real trip Makkum

Objectives 2023

Continue to progress at national and international slalom/foil/speed competitions
Help brands with testing and developing products
Enjoy the travelling and all the racing experience
Represent my partners through social medias
Enjoy riding


Year 2023

WindMagazine Interview 2nd at GPSspeedsurfing dunkerbeck summer challenge
Winner Dunkerbeck speed challenge U18 July-August 2023 and 2nd overall in Adults (out of 988). 46,56 knots @ 250 meters.
Ouest France 25th July 2023
Raid La tranche sur mer / Ile de re (long distance 18km) : 3rd out of 76 in fins.
Winner Dunkerbeck speed challenge U18 April-May 2023 and 5th overall in Adults (out of 800). 46,08 knots @ 250 meters.
FIRST U18 rider almost reaching 50 knots (max. speed) with 49,99 knots.
WindMagazine 49.99 knots by 17y old rider
Speed LaPalme May 2023 : vmax 49.99kts, 250m 46.08kts, Nautical Miles 40.01kts
Defi Wind in Fin : 3/64 in U20 and 90/1400 overall
WindMagazine defi wind 2023
AFF French Slalom Championship fin marignane : 8/26 in U21 19/51 overall
WindMagazine 40 knots session March 2023

Year 2022

AFF French Slalom Championship fin : 3rd/34 in U21
AFF French Slalom Championship foil : 8th/32 in U21
DAM-X : 1st fin 15-18
Multivan St Peter Ording : 13/31 general and 4th/9 in Youth
Racer of the sea VI Fin only : 1st/27 General and U19
IFCA World Slalom Youth Alacati U21 : 10th
GPS SpeedSurfing : 46.70KTS (86.4KMH) peak speed fin
Point7 Team Intro
WindMagazine Speed session Winter 2022
WindMagazine Article Saison 2021

Year 2021

Dunkerbeck GPS SpeedSurfing (overall 3 periods): 2nd in U18 in fin
Dunkerbeck GPS SpeedSurfing (period 3): 2nd in U18 in fin, 3rd in foil
Defi wind Superstar 57th - 2nd in U17
AFF French Slalom Championship : 2nd in U17
RRD120 French Slalom Championship : Vice champion in U17 (2nd)
IFCA Junior Slalom European Championship : Vice european champion in U17 (2nd)
Dunkerbeck GPS SpeedSurfing (period 2): 2nd in U18 in fin, 3rd in foil
Portuguese Slalom Championship : 2nd overall (1st junior)
IFCA Junior Slalom World Championship : 6th in U17
Dunkerbeck GPS SpeedSurfing (period 1): 2nd in U18 (top speed 41.5Kts)

Year 2020

Dunkerbeck GPS SpeedSurfing (period 1 and 2): 3rd in U18 (top speed 38.96Kts)
Dutch NK Foil race Aalsmeer : 4th U17
Dutch NK Slalom Westerland : 2nd U17
Dutch NK FunFoil Westerland Slalom race : 2nd U21
AFF Slalom 2020 U17 (3 races): 3rd (all categories together 23/101)
AFF Foil 2020 U17 : 2nd
Dunkerbeck GPS SpeedSurfing (tribute to luderitz): 3rd in U18

Results 2019

Ifca Slalom Europe U15 : 3rd
Dam/x Slalom U15 : 2nd
RealTrip U15 : 2nd
Regiocup Zuid Slalom July : 2nd in U17
Grote Prijs Aalsmeer Techno U15 : 1st
HollandWindsurfing Techno U15: 1st

Partners 2022

Photos :

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